Carradale Play Park Regeneration

Carradale Play Park Regeneration

Our lovely play park in Carradale is desperate for new equipment and a small group of mums have been fundraising for over a year to try and raise enough money to improve the park. We are close to meeting our target but any extra funds will make a big difference to the finished park. If nothing was done, the equipment would fall into further disrepair, becoming increasingly dangerous and the park would have to close.This would be devastating for our village.


All our local children and those visiting on holiday will benefit hugely from an upgraded park and would really suffer if it was allowed to close. It is the only safe communal place they have to exercise and play outside and it is always well used, whatever the weather. Parents and carers will also benefit greatly as it is a wonderful meeting place. In our fragile rural economy, tourism plays a huge role and we need decent services to enhance visitor experience.

This sounds great and much needed! How will the new facilities help young people to develop their skills ?

It would be fantastic to see Carradale Play Park remain open and the children enjoying new equipment. The village itself would be revitalised.

Great idea - it's important to have fun activities in lovely Carradale!

Play parks are so important in rural areas as kids don't have the same access to services as their urban contemporaries. They are safe spaces where children can exercise, learn new skills, develop their imagination and socialise. These are all vital for the health and mental well being of our children.

A recent edition of Helensburgh & Lomond Community Advertiser (Nov 17) highlighted that a new playground is to be created at Hermitage Park in Helensburgh. In 2014 new play equipment was installed in their current park and not all of it will be used in the new facility. The surplus equipment is to be made available for a park elsewhere in Argyll & Bute. Perhaps Carradale could benefit from this. Good luck with your worthy project.

We have used the play park when holidaying in the area for many years with our young son... he is now 17. We moved to the area 5 years ago because we loved the area and the community. Our love of this play park continues as our grandchildren now use it.. or want to.... it needs new equipment for the youngster to continue to enjoy and gain new skills from. This is vital to the area, and for locals and tourists alike. Its a fantastic assess for a wonderful caring community like Carradale.

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