Developing a Youth Camp Site

Developing a Youth Camp Site

The Helensburgh Scout Group currently manages a lovely camp site at Arden on Loch Lomond. It is available for any organised youth group but currently lacks any permanent toilet facilities. Planning permission has been granted and this project now seeks funding to help build a pair of composting toilets.


Great Idea, how long does a composting toilet last for?

That's great about the wheelchair accessible toilet-is the site wheelchair accessible?

The site has been used by Scouts of all ages (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network) from all over the world (Helensburgh, Rhu, Glasgow, Inverclyde, Ireland, France and Texas. This year it will be hosting a group from Denmark. It is available for any organised youth group such as DoE groups or Canoe Clubs but the problem is that they have to organise their own toilet facilities.

Composting toilets are much more eco-friendly than chemical toilets. 😊

Having a composting toilet will be such an improvement, this site on our doorstep allows the Scout Group and other organisations to provide low cost residential opportunities for our young people.

The structure consists of a concrete vault, which contains large drums and a timber super-structure. These should last decades. Fluid waste is separated and goes to a soak-away. Solid waste goes into the drum along with composting material (sawdust) to rot down. When it is full it is replaced with the other drum and the compost spread or buried. The length of time each drum lasts depends upon usage but on Inchcailloch, which is quite heavily used, they need replacing every couple of years.

The Arden Camp Site is a fantastic facility that has been giving young people the opportunity to experience the great outdoors, and the beauty of Loch Lomond. Outdoor learning not only enables an awareness of the natural environment, encouraging care and appreciation of it, but being immersed in nature has fantastic health benefits, and can improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. As Baden-Powell said “a week ocamp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the classroom!".

Our experience of composting toilets is very limited and we are delighted with confirmation of our research that they work in practice in this sort of situation. Thank you. If you would like to contact us or learn more about the Group, the best way is probably via our website: .

We have these very same toilets on our site in Derbyshire, they work brilliantly! Scouting has given me without doubt a richer and more fulfilled life. This site should be encouraged to succeed in every way possible and a loo is a great way to start! Happy to provide financial support please let us know how!

This is not a point for or against-just a question-what is the site like for those persons affected by disability? Is it accessible for all?

The toilet design is wheelchair accessible. Inevitably this has added significant cost and increased the need for community support.

Yes. We are also making the steps down to the beach into a slope this season.

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