Tarbert - Our Castle of Kings

Tarbert - Our Castle of Kings

To carry out a Community Archaeological dig at Tarbert Castle involving community volunteers and school children from mid Argyll. We will be working in partnership with the archaeologist and education department of Kilmartin Museum as well as schools throughout the area to further explore the structure and history of our community owned and maintained Royal Castle.


Tarbert castle belongs to Tarbert's people.

A dig should be able to help us throw new light upon the history of this important historic site - from its early origins as a "fortalice", through to its use as a royal residence and on to its occupation by Cromwell's troops and to the Earl of Argyll's failed invasion attempt.

Fantastic opportunity for young people to learn about their local culture and history - to gain skills and knowledge and personally develop through participation in an archaeological project

Despite having the earliest royal accounts in Scotland for works to this castle we really know so little. A dig will help us explore how the site was used when at its busiest, during Robert the Bruce's royal visits.

Besides recording heritage information for future generations, this project will offer heaps of opportunities for many residents, visitors and folks of different generations to come together. Projects like this plant seeds of new friendships and allow established volunteers to grow in strength and confidence. A wonderful opportunity and a clear legacy for group collaboration, engagement and potentially attracting a new community volunteers. Look forward to seeing the positive ripples.

Why was this an important site? O.K. so it does cover one end of the short-cut across the isthmus but you have to rely on signal stations to cover the end where boats are coming in from the open sea, the Hebrides and Ireland. And, worse than that, you can't see who is coming up Loch Fyne behind you. A dig could give us some answers.

A dig could well unearth artefacts that indicate how the people of Tarbert lived and worked over the centuries. This would enhance an already strong sense of local identity - especially important for those growing up in Tarbert now.

Why did the king spend so much time and money on this castle and the countryside around it when he'd just built himself a new palace at Cardross and surely had more important things to do (e.g. keeping the English at bay)? Maybe a dig could give us some answers? (My theory is that it was his "Plan B" - if it all went pear-shaped in mainland Scotland he could hang on at Tarbert and then sail off to find refuge in Ireland again.)

Fascinating to know more about the archaeology of this very archaeological rich area.

The legacy will be additional knowledge about our history and culture, interpretation of what we find on display at the Castle and through feedback to schools about result of dig an opportunity for them to develop their own on going projects.

it is great to see community projects working in partnership - however, what would the legacy of this project be?

Important dig in an area of great historical importance to Dalriada and to Scotland

A great idea to further the commendable achievements in involving the community in the restoration and consolidation of this important historical site which has massively increased it's popularity with Tourists and locals. No Invasive archaeological investigation has never been completed. It will add important historical information as well as actively involving the local school and community, working with the academically renown Kilmartin House . Our Local Time Team!

This would be an incredible project for the history of the village

Educational and fascinating study of our history.

By unearthing the past, it will not only let us know who lived there/how they lived but also foster a connection between that past community and the current community.

The project will benefit of area residents, visitors and the historical record of Argyll. The Tarbert Castle already contributes to tourism ( more than 15.000 visitors have been recorded per annum) and this project will further enhance the experience. The involvement of school children will meet one of Argyll and Bute Council strategy aims for education in the area expanding the existing contribution which the Castle makes to young people's involvement with a community asset.

A great project to involve all generations of the community working together in our beautiful outdoors to learn about archaeology and local history and heritage. The outcome will add additional interest for visitors to the castle site.

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