Fèis an Tairbeirt - Music Technology for Young Musicians

Fèis an Tairbeirt - Music Technology for Young Musicians

We would use any potential funding to help buy equipment and hire tutors to run specific Music Technology workshops for our secondary school age participants. We would look to offer opportunities for students to take their music making into a different area with guidance from specialists in their field. Our aim would be to inspire an age group that often drifts away from music participation by engaging them in how to apply new technologies to their own creative practice.


Our smaller, more rural schools often lack the resources to offer the type of opportunities open to students in Urban areas. One of the aims of our Fèis to readdress this imbalance by attracting to the area experts in their own field. We have a track record of success in our main activities and we now aim to focus on particular groups who are musically disadvantage by offering a range to workshops that aim to inspire a new way of engaging with music and technology in the digital age.

I am glad to hear that the Feis considers music technology to be a vital part of education. Without it there is no musical networking between remote places, it boosts the quality of recordings and the promotion of musicians.

Yes expertise for music technology available in Oban North Argyll & on Mull just not here in Tarbert - Muriel on behalf committee

This is most interesting! Is there anyone else who could help you to acheive this?

We would develop this project in conjunction with the artists in residence at Tarbert Arts and Leisure Centre. They have previously run workshops for young people involving sound and dance in conjunction with other art forms. The aim is to promote traditional music and arts through a modern medium making a connection between the music of our past up-to-date and relevant for future generations.

It's important for young people to have the skills to express themselves musically, and hopefully later to express the feelings of the community as well

I think that this project is of real importance, and provides our young people with an opportunity more readily available in larger towns and cities, and so the Feis is working hard to redress that balance by offering access to music technology development while retaining access to traditional music. It's exciting to see the blend of these development areas, and the skills that this can offer to young people throughout the Mid Argyll and Kinytre area.

Fantastic to watch a generation of kids engaging with music. Love the tech angle, learning that is relevant to them will hopefully keep them even more engaged. My kids have really started to show an interest and your tutors are doing a great job working with them. Hope your application is well supported and we look forward to seeing this mini-project come to life!

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