Musical Memories for Dementia Sufferers in our community

Musical Memories for Dementia Sufferers in our community

The Community Orchestra under the Musical Director Alison McAloon plays at a range of community events throughout the year. We have assisted in a few productions at the new Burgh Hall in Dunoon where musical input to the drama has been required. In addition we have played at Senior Citizens Clubs community events and old folks homes locally. We want to share our keenness for classical and other music with as many sections of the community as possible


We would like to have all of our keyboard backing music recorded professionally in a recording studio. Alison has recording experience and is keen to do backing tapes for each section of the orchestra. This allows members of each section, woodwind, strings, brass for example to play at old folk homes etc with the support of a fully backing track thus not having the requirement of having Alison at every event. Our young fiddlers can have their full busking programme recorded when fundraising.

Great project! Beneficial to the community and to those who don't reap the great benefits of hearing music on a regular basis!

Great project, what does everyone think?

Sounds like a great project. Bringing music out to people who may not have the opportunity to travel across the water to overpriced venues. I am all for it,

I've heard the orchestra play locally on a number of occasions and find them inspirational as well as entertaining. It's a worthy project with all sorts of benefits. Good luck.

The health benefits of music to individuals and society should not be underestimated. In my view, this project will both facilitate and enhance the performer/listener experience and is therefore very well worth supporting. Vicky Fairley

I have had the honour of playing with the orchestra now for 10 months. It has been a lifelong ambition. I'm not very good but Alison has made it possible for members of the community of all levels of ability to be involved. The orchestra have also added a touch of magic to my recent drama production, bringing different sectors of the community together. This is a very worthy cause and Alison gives up so much of her time to it. This grant would take some of the pressure off her shoulders.

It's a great project and I'm amazed at the huge improvement they have managed over a very short time

Encouraging people to make and listen to music together is great for fostering a sense of community.

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