Sport for All

Sport for All

We are renewing and rejuvenating Strachur Memorial Hall multi-use sports area. The perimeter fence has been replaced and now the surface needs attention. It requires thorough cleaning and the moss killed. The sand infill will be rejuvenated which removes contaminants within the artificial fibres and prevents flooding. To maintain the surface we will purchase equipment for court cleaning eg. brushes and to allow tennis, for example, to be played, new court net and posts require to be purchased.


The fence is in the process of being renewed, started yesterday. Once the surface is rejuvenated it will be a safe place for all ages and abilities to use. Perhaps the local indoor bowling group would take their game outdoors, weather permitting! Also, what about walking football for all ages?

You may be able to get a team of volunteers through the National Park which may be of help. Consider the 'It's Your Neighbourhood' project which could open some other doors as you strive to improve the facility. Happy to help in some way.

Fabulous suggestions - encouraging people to get outdoors is always of benefit! Our 1000 Voices Co-ordinator, Hannah, should be able to assist with the development of walking football, should you be interested in taking that further!

Our court is a great asset to Strachur, used on a regular basis by many user grops. Regular outdoor activity helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression and can provide a number of physical health benefits. Our project will establish a safe environment for outdoor sports, accessible and suitable for all age groups and abilities. In doing so the recreation amenity will enhance the well-being, community interaction and physical fitness of members of the community, both young and old.

I think we need to encourage people of all ages to use this space as much as possible. At present it looks unsafe and really needs the surface to be rejuvenated, as well as the surrounding fence. With a relatively small amount of funding this could accomplish a lot for the health of our community.

Sounds like a valuable asset to the community. What do others think?

Thanks, Agnes. I've had a look at It's Your Neighbourhood. It looks as if it would be helpful to register with them. Not sure about the National Park as Strachur falls just outside it's boundary.

Samantha, thanks for that information. It's good to know that there is help out there to advise re new projects.

Will enhance the look of the environment of the hall and attract even more users

To have this multi sports area re vamped would be a great thing for the village and will give the children of the village more opportunities.

Another great asset that can with a little effort (and money) be brought back into use for the benefit of the whole community.

Brilliant, this would be a great asset for the village. The kids do not have that much in the area in the form of outdoor sports.

We have now managed to renew the perimeter fence and fell some trees. Once the court surface is rejuvenated the court will be available, again, for all to use.

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