Highlands and Islands Music and Dance Festival

Highlands and Islands Music and Dance Festival

A three day traditional music and dance competition event attracting young people from all over Scotland. The Festival, which costs over £40,000 to organise, is run completely by volunteers and relies on fundraising to keep costs affordable for families.We bring over a 1000 young people together, allowing local children to compete with talent from across the country in a friendly environment. The Scottish Area Finals for Highland Dancing and the Accordion and Fiddle Masters are also held here.


The event attracts over 3000 visitors to the area and brings a real economic benefit. We are known as the" Oban Festival" and the Highland Dancing competition is the second largest in the world. We run a one day Feis as part of the event for local children and a number of open events, eg; family ceilidhs etc. The Schools Day brings local children together from across Oban and Lorn, giving them the chance to perform on the stage at the Corran Halls.

Sounds like an interesting event. Is it only for children or are there activities for adults to do too?

This annual Festival attracts families from all over Scotland and some from Northern Ireland most return year after year to compete in high standard competition and enjoy fine Highland hospitality. Each year the Festival strives to encourage a wider audience by increasing the variety of performances and workshops on offer in music and dance.

Hi Laura, Competitions are open to a wide range of ages, the Syllabus gives details of of all competitions. Piping, piano, vocal and many more sections are open to adults from beginners to advanced. We are also looking for Folk Groups to enter the 'Open Vocal Competitions'. Details are being finalised for this years Syllabus and it will be available on our FaceBook Page very soon. In the meantime have a look at some of the events that took place last yearhttps://www.facebook.com/Highlands-Island

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