Argyll Arts Collective

Argyll Arts Collective

Our aim is to connect and inspire communities by hosting cultural events and promoting the arts through performance, concerts,exhibitions, film, talks and workshops. We are based in Lochgoilhead, and host most of the events in the Village Hall. Our audience mostly include members from Lochgoilhead, Carrick Castle, Cairndow, Strachur and Dunoon. We work closely with Lochgoilhead and Strachur Primary schools, hosting shows and workshops suitable for younger audiences.


Really like the sound of this.

Absolutely needed within the local area! Have you considered other organisations that you could partner with to assist with development and delivery?

Hi Samantha Stubbs, yes I'm considering that just now. Any suggestions of other organisations are welcome, thanks

Our aim is to try and tackle social isolation and lack of diversity, culture and Arts in rural areas. We offer people the opportunity to get together and come to see or listen to something or take part in a workshop, where normally they may have not had the option to socially interact. We want to provide a cultural experience for people on their doorstep at an affordable price and we try to offer a full range of activities to appeal to a wider audience network.

What a great idea. There is so much talent in the area that needs to be shared. To give people of all ages the chance to be involved would be a good thing.

Is there a specific part of your work that you would be looking for funding for?

Sounds like a good idea. What do others think?

Hi there Laura Macdonald, thanks for the question, any money raised for the Arts Collective will go back into organising and promoting more events. Money is needed to pay the artists, it is also needed for the hire of the hall, or venue, licences, marketing and promotional material. Acts can range from £200 to £1,000 depending on who you book. We have been very lucky to have received funding in the past but to continue into the future we need to keep looking at other funding options.

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