Lochgoilhead Hub Project

Lochgoilhead Hub Project

The Hub Steering Group are a committed group of people living and working in Lochgoilhead dedicated to creating a community garden, farm and workshops on a couple of hectares of land donated for community use by the Rifle Club. We have been working alongside the community through various consultation processes, events, fayres and activity days.Additionally we would like to see the creation of a visitor centre with cafe and shop on site.


This sounds like a lovely idea - how would you staff the café?

We are taking the first steps in creating the community garden, we have had a kind donation of some wood to make our first 10 raised beds.This will give 10 families or individuals a chance to learn new skills about growing food, the environment, gardening, etc. This provides the invaluable opportunity for community members to get together and socialise and learn new skills. We hope to expand soon and purchase a polly tunnel which would house another 16 plus beds, gardening tools, and a shed.

Sounds like a good idea. What do others think?

Hi Aileen Cameron, thanks for your question, we aren't actually thinking about creating a cafe at the minute, if or when the time comes we would consider all options. We're focusing on the garden for the time being. thanks.

Sounds a lovely project. You may find it helpful to contact Keep Scotland Beautiful website which has lots of support available. Could be an 'It's Your Neighbourhood' project for 2018. Sounds exciting!

I think this is a fabulous idea, and love that you've put the community at the heart of your suggestions! Have you thought about constitutions and legal structures, as well as other potential funding to ensure that the project is successful?

This is a great focus for this community. Growing food is a very rewarding activity, reducing foodmiles and allowing children the space and time to find out how we grow delicious fruit and veg. The spin offs are varied. Food markets, flowers and benefitting bees and other pollinators. Polytunnels and raised beds are the way forward here in argyll!!!

That all sounds like a great idea. Working together in such a way will, not only produce food but give the opportunity to share skills and knowledge in a healthy way.

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