Soroba Young Family Group

Soroba Young Family Group

We would like to purchase a smart board for our nursery. We have 60 3-5 year olds and 15 2 year olds that access our service each week. At present the Scottish Government have a focus to close the attainment gap, ensuring equity for all. A smart board would be an effective tool in enabling us to provide a wider range of activities targeting literacy and numeracy development and in turn helping our children to become successful learners and give them the tools they need for life long learning


This would be a grate benefit of current and future children at SYFG. A great tool to learn on! Todays children have access to computers etc through-out their learning years and this smart board is a great tool for them to develope their skills on!

Soroba Young Family Group (SYFG) is a registered charity. It has been on operation for over 30 years and is very much a part of both the Soroba and Oban community. Children from all over the oban area (and outlying areas) have attended over the years. The children are very much at the centre of everything we do, with the intention of giving them the best possible start on their education journey.

Such a wonderful learning and caring environment, who always provide valuable learning experiences, while making the groups fun and welcoming. My children still speak about the happy memories they have from their time at Soroba Young Family Group. I can't praise the center enough and their commitment to bridging the attainment gap and ensuring each child has the opportunity to succeed this is evident in their everyday practice.

Fantastic place. All my childrem have now gone onto school but the early education they received at Soroba Young Families was brilliant. My children still talk about the amazibg time they had. I miss going to Soroba Young Families everyday. Nothing is too much trouble and the staff go out if their way to help and support you in every way.

I would love my son to have access to a smart board in nursery. It would provide a fun and fantastic way for him and all his friends to learn in all curriculum areas. Whether they are visual or tactile learners it would allow them to gain hands on, interactive and active learning experiences through modern technology. I would love him to have access to a fantastic and innovative resource to enhance his learning experiences.

Soroba Young Family Group. This is a wonderful learning environment for children in Soroba,Oban and area. The staff are incredible and always go that extra mile enabling the children to have as many good experiences as possible, both within the school and out in their local environment. Their patience appears endless. The Smart board would add to their ability to give ALL their children a boost to improved learning, giving them even more confidence when they move on to Primary school.

Soroba young families group - STERLING WORK ACHIEVED OVER MANY YEARS -

Did you know that the council has a specific early years third sector funding stream?

@Laura Mac Donald thanks for the suggestion, but that particular funding stream does not provide funding for the purchase of a smart board.

SYFG provide a wonderful, nurturing environment for all of the children who attend. A smart board would be a well- utilised resource and would add to the excellent education the children receive there. As most primary schools now have smart boards it would be an excellent tool to help further prepare the children for the move to school.

I'm seeing a lot of support here for the work that Soroba Young Families do. Great to see you've got such strong community support. Any grant applications coming in to us for pre-5 work are forwarded to the early years service to deal with through the early years specific funding. However, if they don't fund smartboards, I'd be happy to meet up with you to help you look at funders who you could apply to. You could apply to this fund for work with parents e.g. confidence building, employability

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