Bicentenary Pipe Band Championships

Bicentenary Pipe Band Championships

The Bicentenary Pipe Band Championships is a family event with over 500 pipers and drummers and 100 highland dancers competing for the top prizes throughout the day. There are trade and food stalls, children's activities and many other attractions, including a performance by the current Grade 1 World Pipe Band Champions, Inveraray & District Pipe Band (weather permitting). Pipe bands from all over Scotland and beyond compete at the event, including the local Helensburgh Clan Colquhoun Pipe Band.


The Bicentenary Pipe Band Championships is run by a small voluntary committee who fund raise throughout the year, with bag packs, ceilidhs, raffles etc but require more money to run the event so require to apply for any grants they are eligible for. The event brings Scottish Traditional music and dance to the area, increases interest and membership of the local pipe band and highland dancing schools, unites local communities, attracts visitors to the area and has an overall economic benefit.

It sounds like a great event. What do others think?

Its a great event for the community. Bringing people together and keeping scottish traditions alive. There should be more funding for events like this.

Its a good day out for all ages and allowes people to enquier and learn about the diffrent bands and tartans a lot of hard work goes in by voulenteers who ask nothing in return every year and they shoukd be reconised for this by being elegible to apply for all grants entitald to xxx

The pipe band championships is great for our comunity it brings people from the comunity amd others together it gives people a chance to see bands from all over show off thier own wee traditions its also a chance for the younger generation to enquire and learn about scottish traditonal music and dress. The day is great for all ages my son age 3 loves the championships and is so eager to be part of this tradition. I hope the funding continues so that scottish traditions never get forgotten

Its a great event for the community!

I would be a shame if this event was to disappear from the Calendar, enjoyed by young and old, foreign visitors to the town also enjoy this event. All the visiting Pipe Bands and Dancers say how much they enjoy coming to Helensburgh

A great event that brings many people to Helensburgh and locals love it every year. Good for all age groups with plenty entertainment to keep everyone amused

This event can only be good for Helensburgh. Lovely to hear & see live pipe bands and also to see both young and old having a day out in the fresh air. Great for local trade and tourism.

It’s a great day out and a lot of fun for the children as well as the adults! It would be ashame for it to discontinue :(

It is a great day out and is full of traditional pipes and drums. It also has a great selection of different food and activities.

This is a celebration of Scottish culture that attracts a worldwide audience to Helensburgh

We have had many great days out at this local event. It is fantastic to see so many talented people performing traditional music young and old performing together. The march down the street is something we particularly like. This event is a real asset to the town.

This event is a brilliant day out for families and individuals of any age, it has stalls to suit everyone! The exceptional standard of talent is also a big attraction within the highland dancing aswell as the pipebands. It would be a real shame for this gathering to come to an end as I know many people who love it and have attended every year since it began!

This is such a great event bringing people both local and from the wider community together to celebrate traditional Scottish music and dance. Its fantastic for young and old and brings tourism to the area ( the tourists love it! ) and its great to show off Scotland's music and dance and see all the different tartans. A lot of hard work is put into this event and i would love to see it continue for many years to come for future generations to enjoy.

Its a great communtiy event that brings people from far and wide and of all ages together. Would be a shame for it not to continue.

The Bicentenary Championships are a great event for the town especially with the parade through Helensburgh, and they also provide an opportunity for families to have a good day out in the town.

A great day out for young and old, showcasing a lot of talented musicians from the local area and from further afield playing traditional Scottish music. The march down the street by all tha bands at the end of the completion is always a highlight and very well received by all who view it, long may it continue and grow.

The Bicentenary Pipe Band Championships is a great day out. A lot of time & money is spent organising this event every year. It brings lots of people from local areas and beyond to come and listen to the skirl of the pipes / drums of all competing bands, some who travel for hours to take part in this big event, not forgetting the youngsters who take part in the highland dancing competitions. Lots of nice stalls etc., the public who line the streets with happy smiles on their face make my day.

My family and I love to visit this event yearly. It is a very well run event, and we love to watch the pipers who come from overseas to attend this fabulous Championship. Living locally, I also think Helensburgh benefits through the extra tourism.

It's an excellent event for the town with many pipe bands coming from all over Scotland . The highland dancing event has over 100 dancers and has dancers from 4 to 20 years taking party . The event is run by volunteers and needs the grant to make the event happen .the committee work hard throughout the year with various fund raising events

Argyll and Bute TSI will hold a drop in help session on Wednesday (10th January) from 10am-12pm and 1-3pm in the Helensburgh office at 14 Colquhoun Square. If you would like help with the stage 2 application pop in and see us (we will have a cuppa and biscuits on hand too...)

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