Memory Garden

Memory Garden

We want to re-establish our hall garden, cultivating flowers and herbs and encouraging the community to enjoy its amenity. Making it a serene place, one in which people of all ages will feel connected to the natural world through rich, sensory experiences, a place that generates a sense of well-being, where small groups can enjoy conversation.


Strachur Memorial Hall, situated in the village of Strachur has a garden area which the community have been tending. However, the raised beds require repairing and the borders replanted, slabbed areas needs levelling, benches need replacing. This will be an area of peace and tranquility, a place where people, especially the elderly, can contemplate flowers and enjoy their scents. An area attractive to wildlife, for example bees and butterflies and where young and old will help maintain it.

Sounds like a lovely idea. What do others think?

Your project sounds a great idea, particularly as Strachur is a little bit isolated and that bit further away from main towns. I'd recommend you register your project in the 'It's Your Neighbourhood' part of Keep Scotland Beautiful - it could really open up lots of great opportunities and support. Good luck.

Thaks for the information, Agnes. I will have a look at Keep Scotland Beautiful website. It's really helpful getting information about whats out there to support our projects.

We have now joined Keep Scotland Beautiful and received a packet of sunflower seeds. Now just need a bit of warmth and then get some youngsters /older folks to plant them!

It also offers an opportunity to local people of all ages to get involved in the redevelopment, get their hands dirty and for the youngsters to get a taste of gardening.

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