Fiddle for Fun

Fiddle for Fun

Lochgoilhead Fiddle Workshop @ Strachur hold weekly junior fiddle classes. As well as having fun, children are taught the skill of playing fiddle by ear, enabling the Scottish culture of playing music by ear to thrive within our community. Using ears and eyes helps develop listening skills, encourages the ability to listen and thus to concentrate. Last year we held a highly successful Junior Fiddle Workshop and hope to encourage our youngsters to work towards a similar day of music and fun.


Research shows learning scales and the do-re-mi can help children excel in ways beyond the basic ABC music notes. It also found that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and has shown that music also helps develop children’s self-esteem. Also a music-rich experience for children in singing, listening and playing a musical instrument benefits them as they progress into more formal learning. Despite the cost we employ a traditional fiddle tutor to support this method of teaching.

I have been lucky enough to hear the fiddlers which was a joy. There is obvious enjoyment and motivation gained in playing as well as the musical learning experience. Their faces say it all.

Fiddle for fun - great name! What would you use the funding for if you were successful?

These fiddle classes have really brought my sons fiddle playing on. I can't believe the difference in him. He has autism and this helps him with his fine motor skills and his concentration and his processing of things. I can't praise this excellent group enough!

Eileen, it’s great to hear from you regarding the youngsters enjoyment of playing. That’s why we call it Fiddle for Fun. We want them to have fun learning and I’m delighted that audiences can see they are having fun.

Evie, I think it is great that you are able to offer fiddle lessons to the young in the Strachur area. It is a real tragedy that Schools no longer have the resources to offer this to our children and it is wonderful that your volunteers are able to teach them and to bring in a Tutor from distant parts to help. Music is a tremendous boost in confidence and coordination in children, and our musical heritage has a great deal to offer them. Keep up the good work and good luck with your project.

Laura, due to our rural situation, traditional fiddle tutors living locally are non existent. We have to access our tutor from outwith the area. At 45p per mile and £28 per hour any funding we received would be used towards travel and teaching costs.

Thanks for your support Bill. As you say music is a tremendous way to boost confidence and coordination in children, and our musical heritage has a great deal to offer them. I understand there are still fiddle classes available in some primary schools in Cowal and in Dunoon Grammar school but unlike our workshop, it is not taught in the traditional way, by ear. I hear from parents that school tuition is also very expensive.

Rebecca it’s rewarding for us and our amazing tutors, to see how, not only have the childrens’ musical skills increasedbut their confidence as well.

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