Cowal Youth Yomp

Cowal Youth Yomp

Cowal has spectacular landscapes for cultivating an appreciation of the great outdoors and the many positives that come from it. This well organised project will help fund an exciting, innovative 'Youth Yomp' for local people aged 16 to 26. The 'natural high' weekend (drug and alcohol-free) will include a range of social activities providing extra rewards for the effort expended on reaching the destinations. Taking geocaching to new levels participants will make new friends and new experiences


This is a great project that fits well with the 'Young People' theme for the 2018 Beautiful Scotland Campaign. Cowal has a great reputation through Cowalfest and other outdoor activities for making the most of great assets. This project could really help to inspire our young people to be great ambassadors for the future.

Sounds interesting - tell me more! Is it a residential project or day activities?

Laura, ideally it will include an overnight stay and will also have a 'day only' options. A number of routes will converge to provide different levels of challenge from easy, moderate to strenuous, giving choice and maximising accessibility. Entertainment, accommodation and hospitality and transport will be structured and facilitated to ensure safety and wellbeing.

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