Christmas Cheer for Craighouse - Christmas Switch on 2018

Christmas Cheer for Craighouse - Christmas Switch on 2018

The village of Craighouse on the Isle of Jura is situated along the shoreline of the island and is 1 mile long. As we all know, the islands and western towns and villages can be very bleak and dark in the winter and Craighouse with very few homes with lights on can be bleak indeed. We would like some funding to sustain the small amount of lights we have and add to the collection to brighten up the whole village by having a Christmas Lights switch on and Christmas Fair Event 2018. Thank you.


This is for the whole community to benefit from and especially for those who can't leave the island and feel the Christmas spirit in other towns and villages on the mainland.

Is your project about providing outdoor Christmas lights and decorations throughout your community? Is the 'very few homes with lights on' linked to empty second homes or holiday homes in your area?

Will there be an associated Christmas switch on activity or event to bring people together, at this special time of year?

Dear Antonia, the project is about providing Christmas lights throughout the community with Craighouse being the hub and only village on Jura. Yes the very few lights are related to empty and second homes within the village.

There would be a Christmas Lights Switch on event and Christmas Fair in the Village Hall. Lots of stalls from local craft traders, and traders from Islay too. A 'pop-up' cafe run by the local Church, refreshements and activities for the kids. A gathering outside and countdown for the tree lights switch on and kids singing around the tree. The event will be open for all the community and our neighbouring island, Islay, also.

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