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Information For All

We have a noticeboard in the village which is in need of a revamp. It is surprising how many groups, organisations and events who all regularly use the board and it soon becomes a jumble of posters which are difficult to read. We would like to get one which has plenty individual space for all groups as well as space for general information. We welcome visitors to the village and want their experience to be enjoyable with information accessible not only for them but for local residents.


We need to make the communication in the village more accessible and readable.

As someone who uses the noticeboard to both post and read information a new facility would be most welcome. The existing board is sited too close to the road, especially if you have a child or dog with you.

Fully agree with all previous comments as long as it is resited to a safe location.

I'm all for this. Well done whoever set this up.

I was in Ardentinny today with a large group of walkers from other areas and noticed the board. I would agree that it is really helpful to visitors and locals, and important that it is maintained in good order. Several of the visitors made specific comment about your public toilets and how well they were cared for. Creating a positive impression is so important for attracting visitors and for rural sustainability. Good luck with your project.

The old notice board is not currently fit for purpose, I would also say it needs to be re-sited as it not only blocks a drivers sight line coming out of the car park but it is located next to the main road which does have a safety aspect attached

You are right about the condition of the board. Take your point about the position of the existing one and there has been some thought put in about the siting of a new one. Not only do we need to look how much room is needed to accommodate all the information but also make it accessible and safe for drivers and pedestrians.

The Ardentinny Village notice board is a great asset for both visitors, tourists and residents alike.....indeed, a bigger one is needed....x

This is a good idea and means people will be able to see things at a glance without everything being hidden in a sea of paperwork

This Board is in an important central point in the village and is used/checked by almost everyone who passes. Great info for visitors

An excellent idea. The board is very useful - I always have a look when I'm in the car park - but it certainly needs an upgrade.

The present position of the board hinders drivers view when exiting the car park, fully agree with all the views mentioned, really needed.

Really good idea - I always enjoy visiting Ardentinny - there is so much to see and enjoy so a renewed and better sited notice board would be great.

As a regular visitor from Edinburgh to the village I find that my first point of contact is the notice board. I can then plan and become more involved in local events. The current board has served the village well but is in need of an upgrade to provide a point of information for both locals and visitors - we do nor all have internet access so for those of us who rely on the written word I hope this very worthy project will be supported.

This small community has a handful of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to keep Ardentinny looking beautiful. It's a very popular choice for visitors and families to stop and spend time there. So I wholeheartedly agree a larger new notice board (sited in a safer place) is much needed.

This noticeboard has been inadequate for the needs of the village for a long time. We have lots of active groups who need space. This is an excellent project.

Excellent idea to renew noticeboard. As many have already said the existing board is a well used by locals and visitors alike providing valuable local information but is now needing to be replaced . Wholeheartedly support this project.

With small communities, the need for communication is vital, and the Village notice board is a very important part of this process. In addition, Ardentinny has so many visitors, throughout the year, who rely on the noticeboard for up to date information as to what is going on in the area.

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