Lephin Glengorm Archaeological Excavation

Lephin Glengorm Archaeological Excavation

Mull Museum would like to propose a programme of archaeological works at the burial ground site known as Lephin Chapel or Port Bhraonian, on the Isle of Mull. The project will build upon the exciting results of the extremely successful community research excavation run by Mull Museum and Argyll Archaeology at the chapel site of Baliscate in 2012.


Some local primary schools have already been approached and have expressed an interested in bringing classes to the excavation where the children will be encourage to become hands on archaeologists for the morning or afternoon. Following on from the school visits the children will be asked to design a media format which summarises the findings of the excavation and the importance of the site; this media will be targeted and getting children enthused and involved in their local heritage.

Exciting times for every one

Learning more about an area's history by using written (archive) records, oral history and archaeological digs involves so many people and is a great learning experience for all involved. I've never forgotten working on the famous Jorvik Viking dig (York) in my teens and I'll be volunteering if I can, having been too busy working to do more than 2 days at Baliscate.

Sign me right up! I loved the Baliscate dig. Also, let me know if there's any way that Tobermory Library can help, both in the educational and public awareness senses.

This looks interesting. Lismore Heritage Centre have also involved the community in some archaeological dig projects over the last few years.

Was involved in Balliscate and the island’s ranger service is more than happy to help out. Would be a wonderful project

This sounds like a really interesting project. Would love to be involved and will help in any way.

Fantastic project, really wish I lived a little closer and I’d definitely get involved. I’m sure Hylda will rope me in on my visits later in the year. Good luck to all.

Great community adventure, fabulous learning opportunity for the kids on Mull and cutting edge research into the early Christian and medieval church on the west coast of Scotland.

What a great chance for everyone to learn more about Mull’s heritage. Would be a fantastic way to get the children excited and interested in their history.

Great idea. So little known about Mull's past by young and old. Such projects help to bring the past to life and strengthen the community

A ideal way to involve the community and learn more about out heritage. Balliscate dig was wonderful and this would help us learn even more about chapel sites on Mull

Would love to get involved in Mulls history don't mind getting muddy

Living and working at Glengorm , I find this project very interesting, I would love to help in any way.

Great idea - sign me up!

Potentially excellent community project building on earlier related discoveries (Balliscate) and ongoing research.

Happy to support this proposal especially as any findings from Mull help us to interpret our Celtic Church heritage on Lismore.

Great idea, we will all learn while at the same time adding to knowledge about the history of people om Mull. We will be glad to volunteer our help with this project, as I am sure many other residents of Mull will do. Susan Wood and Richard Payne

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