Air Ghleus ('In Tune')

Air Ghleus ('In Tune')

Air Ghleus, now in its third year, undertakes to promote the Gaelic language, encourage its development and assist in sustaining local and national mods. It is providing tuition for Mull children to learn Gaelic and participate in in vocal, choral and oral competitions. Decreasing numbers of entrants at mods could jeopardise the future of Gaelic as could lack of tuition available. Our aim is to evoke an interest in our native language and ensure economic success of these community events.


@Laura MacDonald, Mull still has a local mod, which is supported mainly by local children! We also have a lot of entries from other nearby schools, such as Oban, Kilchoan and Lochaline, and from some further afield, but the bulk of entries are from Mull schools! My children go to Tobermory school, which is not a Gaelic Medium school, so the tuition that they receive with the choir is so beneficial for them, helping to improve their Gaelic as well as their musical confidence.

Does Mull still have a local Mòd or is this aimed at working towards Nationl Mòd entries?


So worthwhile for the children of Mull and so important to ensure local mods are well attended and supported.

This is a wonderful initiative, and I've heard the results of it at this year's local and national Mods. Air Ghleus benefits children's self esteem, enhances happiness (singing together is one of the most life-promoting things you can do) and supports the Gaelic language.

Fantastic opportunity for our young local children and so important for keeping the Gaelic language alive!

We aim to tutor in 7 schools in Gaelic song ,solo poem and action songs to give the children an understanding of their Gaelic heritage. They will perform at Local Mods in Mull,Oban and Ardnamurchan and the National Mod in Dunoon,

Ian Tibbetts

This is an excellent opportunity to support all the children from the island schools by introducing them to the Gaelic language and providing additional musical tuition throughout the schools. It also gives the island pupils not attending the GMU in Salen an opportunity to take part in a very important aspect of the local culture. An important whole island activity.

This initiative brings Gaelic into the schools that they wouldn't otherwise get. Learning action songs lets all pupils take part letting little stars shine through, also brave soloists singing for the first time with uplifting results. Gaelic, singing, Mods, Schools, Parents, Community!

This is a valuable opportunity to support all the children by introducing them to the Gaelic language through music and song. This is an important part of our culture both locally and nationally. As a Gaelic teacher in the secondary school on Mull, I see the benefits of this early exposure to the language and culture when pupils come to learning it in secondary.

There is a wealth of oral culture available to the next generation an this is such a good way to learn

its a great way to promote the Gaelic language, by encouraging children to sing and learn in a fun way. There are huge benefits to learning to read music, listen to harmonies and counting beats. The choir helps with socialising, being part of a group they may not normally mix with, and showing commitment to turn up to rehearsals and then perform on stage and at ceilidhs.

I'm all in favour of tuition for youngsters as it benefits them enormously in, learning about their culture through the medium of song and poetry , maintaining traditional Mods wherein they meet and celebrate the language and in promoting their self esteem/confidence

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