Get Outdoors Be Adventurous – with 1st Rothesay Boys Brigade

Get Outdoors Be Adventurous – with 1st Rothesay Boys Brigade

We are slowly introducing our Boys Brigade to Outdoor Activities and Skills. Last year we took some of the older boys (8 - 10 years) away to a PGL centre in Perthshire for an activity weekend. They enjoyed it so much that we will do it again this year BUT we also are trying to develop outdoor skills - canvas camping, outdoor cooking, orienteering etc - for the 11+ boys to encourage them to try for the Duke of Edinburgh Award in a year or so


Some of the boys do not like to stay overnight away from home. We would like to try an outdoor activity weekend in Lapwing Lodge which is closer to home. It is also a little more rustic than the PGL centre as the boys (and officers) will have to organise and cook the food. The closer proximity to Bute would allow our 'homebirds' to take part with the rest of the group during the day but then be shuttled back to catch a ferry home that same night.

This sounds like a wonderful idea! The whole ethos that the Boys Brigade has is such a rounded one. Have you thought about other options for funding, to develop a year-long program for the young people involved? Don't forget, if they are between 12 and 24, they can also count their hours towards the Saltire awards too!

Thanks Samantha for your contribution. We are at the start of a 'journey' with our Company Section and hopefully these activities will enthuse the boys enough to return when they are 12+ and work towards e.g. Saltire Awards or hopefully, the Duke of Edinburgh

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