Our Clubhouse which was built in 1854 is in dire need of upgrading. We are working on fundraising ourselves but this has been a particularly bad year for us. We have essential building works (lifting floors etc) which will have to be carried out as soon as possible. We would appreciate any assistance you could offer


I believe that Innellan Bowling and Tennis Club is a very worthy contender for some help in keeping the club open, it does a great job in integrating new people in the Village and i think is an essential part of the community. it also gives the older and the younger generation an insight into both of their worlds and they play on an even playing field, not a lot of games do this it would be a great pity if this was lost to the community

Although the grants don't fund capital costs, there might be other costs that the club normally incurs that could be funded, to free up monies that can then be used for the improvements. Speak to Sharon MacDonald, your local community development officer to work out what to apply for: 01700 501357

I have recently moved to the area and the people of Innellan Bowling and tennis club have welcomed me with open arms. It has a great community spirit and encourages everyone including young up and coming players to enjoy the beautiful setting whilst providing the opportunity to keep and maintain their fitness. I believe the club deserves to be supported to enable it to continue with its encouragement of old and new members in the community it serves.

Reading the comments, two thoughts spring to mind - although the photo posted has a 'mature' look, comments have highlighted the valuable role you have in supporting young people. You may find that many funders will support your efforts in training and encouraging young people (e.g. cash for kids - children in need etc). The heritage link mentioned could also link in with the 'Inspiring Innellan' entry in Beautiful Scotland 2018 and there are a number of funders supportive of such links.

Innellan Bowling And Tennis Club encourages both young and old to take part in sports which will help their health and fitness. it is also a wonderful meeting place for the community. It has played a big part in the community for many years, although it is now sadly showing its age. The members work hard to maintain the club and have various fundraising events to raise the money for the work required. however they do need help.

I think this is a great idea. Projects that encourage exercise, gentle or otherwise, should be supported. Getting out in the fresh air, meeting people is a definite plus from me.

Innellan Bowling And Tennis Club encourages both young and old to take part in sport which will help their health and fitness. It has played a big part in the community for many years and sadly showing its age. The members work hard to maintain the club and have various fundraising events to raise the money for the work required. It would be great to see more people come along and join the club to take part in both the bowling and tennis.

I am 39 and have been a member for 10 years, when i moved to Innellan i was invited by a member to the open day. From that day i have made friends for life who have supported me through every event life has thrown me. I enjoy playing bowls I get to meet people from other clubs and learn new ways to play. The club is an important place for the community to make friends and keep fit. We really need the work done in the club house so we can keep going. Lets keep this place for future generations

Hi,I am David Morrison,a past President of Innellan Bowling and Tennis Club. A lot of time and effort has been spent over the last few years encouraging villagers of all ages to participate in bowls and tennis. Our excellent junior tennis section with over twenty members proves efforts have been worthwhile. Any help, financial ,of course, would be appreciated.

Innellan bowling and tennis club has a long history of offering bowls and tennis right across the age range. It is in beautiful setting, however, because of its age the clubhouse is in need of some tlc. It welcomes new members, both experienced or novice. Members are friendly and willing to give advice or coaching. It is a great place for newcomers to become integrated within the community and develop their sporting skills, as I and my husband found since moving to Innellan a few years ago.

The Innellan Bowling and Tennis Club project wasn't quite ready to submit an application to the Argyll and Bute Supporting Communities Fund but we wish them well and look forward to hearing how they get on.

This is a great wee club where youngsters can learn to play tennis and bowls.

Inellan Bowling and Tennis Club provides great opportunities for local people to improve and maintain health and fitness. Dedicated members of the club contribute to the community by giving freely of their time to provide coaching for young players who are keen to develop their sporting skills. Generating enthusiasm and a love of sport amongst young people, it is an historic club in a beautiful location that deserves to be supported.

I am a member of the tennis section of the club. It is a wonderful facility in a very friendly and active community. The junior section is thriving, with thanks to dedicated volunteer tutors. The tennis pavilion however, is in dire need of replacement. It would be such a shame to see such a great asset to the community disappear.

Our Club serves the community of Innellan and Toward and has an active Junior Tennis Section. We offer both bowls & tennis and the Club is the oldest Bowling Club in Cowal.

Innellan Bowling and Tennis Club is a wonderful wee club in the heart of Innellan. It is a club that is trying to move forward and the help from ABPB would greatly benefit both the community and the club. We are always trying to encourage people young and old to come along and try tennis and bowling. In this day and age we need to encourage people to get out and try sport. So please anyone reading this come along next season and enjoy our lovely club. We are trying to get funding to move forward

Innellan Bowling and Tennis Club has worked hard, over many years, to promote physical and social activity for the whole South Cowal community. The club now needs support to improve it's facilities to continue this valuable service.

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