Mind Full or Mindful?

Mind Full or Mindful?

Mental health support for young people in Cowal area


I'm really concerned about the lack of mental health services for our young people in the area. Life is very stressful these days for all of us, however young people are particularly vulnerable. Too many are self medicating, self harming, getting depressed or worse...and current provision is simply not able to cope with the problem. What about coming up with a proposal to bring a mindfulness programme into schools and wider community to arm them with some strategies for stress management?

Anyone on a PTA willing to take this idea forward?

Any project which gives support for young people with mental health issues is very welcome. particularly in this area which does not have the support facilities available in more populated areas. I think the problem of mental health issues in children is only just beginning to be recognised.

NHS Choices say "Mindfulness can bring about a reduction in stress related health problems and improvement in moods." The simple practice of Mindfulness can contribute to a greater peace of mind, more productivity and a general feeling of happiness and peace - who would not wish that for our young people. A great idea.

Sounds like a brilliant idea. Have you a Community Group in mind that could take this idea forward as a Project for 2018/2019. Would the PTA's be interested?

I think the PTAs would be a great starting point - I do know several parents are concerned about their own children's stress levels. Hopefully they can get more involved.

There is a lack of mental health care in Argyll & Bute. This is a fantastic idea.

So is there anyone on a PTA willing to take this forward? I can get some info together to support if so.

Just spotted this article in the Guardian - it's about services in England but I think the situation here is just as dire - https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/nov/27/mental-healthcare-england-children-referred-gp-not-treated

Most definitely .

I think this is a fabulous idea! Starting with the PTAs, or indeed the Head Teachers at the schools, might be useful. We can certainly offer as much support as possible through Argyll and Bute Third Sector Interface; our Dunoon Office can be contacted on 01369 700100 should you need some help!

I share your concerns Misha and am happy to take this idea to the Parent Council at Dunoon Grammar School.

Just read the Guardian article, following your link - very worrying news and I am sure the statistics in our area will be just as bad. We really need to be doing something to help all people, not just the young folk, who have mental health problems. What can we do?

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