The Shore Hub

The Shore Hub

A weekly get-together for a cuppa and a chat has been running in Blairmore hall for a year and is open to all residents living along the shores of Loch Long - i.e. Kilmun, Strone, Blairmore, Ardentinny. There is no club to join; no membership required, no commitments - just a warm opportunity for villagers to get to know each other in a friendly and relaxed way. The benefits have already far exceeded expectations - a lovely community spirit is forming and The Hubbers don't want it to stop.


The benefits to the community are immense - the Hub has brought together scores of residents from the four villages; great co-operation has resulted and people are working together to support each other in a new and exciting way. Visitors are made very welcome and are invited to come in for a chat - it is bringing a vibrancy to the shore villages and encourages a sharing of ideas between the various groups who serve the villages. The Hub enhances an already beautiful area to visit.

The Hub has made a significant difference to many people in the Shore Community. Social isolation is one of the main problems which faces older people, and this original idea, which centred around Blairmore, has expanded to cover all the Shore villages. A superb project

As the Shore has a high percentage of retired residents it is important that social contact is fostered to provide opportunities for mutual assistance and support where it may be required. This of course is in addition to the social interaction which benefits everyone and particularly those who find themselves living alone. The Hub Provides a key function for the Shore communities. Moira Gardiner

The Hub is a wonderful community resource. A welcoming and vibrant community group which not only provides a relaxed and informal weekly get-together for shore residents but also friendship and support. It is a great source of information on what's going on in the local and wider community. Loved by all who attend!

As one who is using this very very worthwhile weekly hub I would recommend folk to come along, meet old friends and make new ones in an enjoyable relaxed venue. Becoming isolated can happen too often and this is an excellent way to overcome some of this. Usually this kind of event is seen as one to which woman go. Not so at the hub. The men are very much part of it and also enjoy being there. A great community venture.

This is a really good group which offers a genuine warm welcome to the villagers along the shore. It is a vital link for people to meet and socialise, forming friendships and combatting loneliness.

My husband has Parkinson’s disease and finds it difficult to get out and about and yet always looks forward to coming along to the “Shore Hub” where he can socialise with others who accept him with understanding and friendliness not always met in other circumstances. He even has his own chair nearest to the door ! As his wife and carer, the Hub is great for me too as I can catch up with all the local gossip !

The Hub has been extremely successful in bringing people together and there is always a buzz as you enter. It has helped neighbours meet for the first time and it is a great for swapping information about what is happening in the villages and beyond. It is a great resource and you know that you will always get a warm welcome.

Having lived in the area for a long time, there were so many people along the shore who were on "nodding terms". Through this great hub, we have got to know our neighbours so much better. A great means of helping with the problems of isolation for men and women.

The Hub is a great asset to the shore and is enjoyed by many folk each week. I have only managed along once due to work commitments but loved the friendly welcome I was given. Keep up the good work!

This is a superb and much needed facility particularly for people living on their own, as it provides a much needed social point for the users. An excellent project.

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