SiMBA Oban Tree of Tranquility Project

SiMBA Oban Tree of Tranquility Project

SiMBA's Tree of Tranquility is a stunning hand crafted, bespoke, life sized metal sculpture, created in response to the needs of parents bereaved through the loss of a baby. Each leaf represents a baby and is engraved for the family with their personal message. A beautiful way to offer bereaved parents the opportunity to honour their baby in a simple, quiet way. This grant will enable SiMBA to maintain the memorial garden and gift leaves to families prior to adding them to the Tree.


What a lovely idea for parents to have somewhere to remember their precious babies ❤️

SiMBA, founded in 2005, is a registered charity responding to the needs of those affected by the loss of a baby at any gestation, before, during or after birth. SiMBA has been providing Memory Boxes and support services to bereaved families in the Oban area since 2011 & has permission to site a Tree at Dunollie Musuem, Castle and Grounds. This Tree will bring immense comfort to families who have recently experienced the loss of a baby, and to families who lost their baby years or decades ago.

What a lovely thing for the comunity as a whole

What a touching project. Will families from across Oban and Lorn be able to benefit from this?

A lovely way for families to find comfort.

Thank you for asking that Laura. The 5 Trees that SiMBA currently has serves the whole region in which they are installed. Some families choose to have a leaf on the Tree placed on a specific Tree even if they no longer live in that town / city; or because they have family there who will visit the Tree and send photo / video. Our Trees are also central to Annual Butterfly Releases, giving families opportunities to get togetherr, so the plants need to be nectar rich and preferably native.

Sometimes you think that you are alone in your grief, that people don't understand or realise the pain of your loss. To have a place that shares the memories of others like you can bring a very special kind of comfort. Please support this important act of love for those gone and those grieving

A beautiful tribute to babies who have sadly died in pregnancy, at birth or shortly after. The beauty if a memorial is that anyone, at any stage of pregnancy and no matter how many years have passed, can add a leaf to honour their baby. I hope this is successful and parents and families can have a special place like I do in Edinburgh ❤

A beautiful tribute to babies

My two grandchilren Alex and Eilidh Beth are remembered on the Inverness tree. When up there annualy at the gathering we meet with many who have lost babies. Many come as they have no where else to grieve and remember. The Oban tree will be a place where families can come at any time and remember their precious babies.

This would be a wonderful place for parents who are mourning the loss of a child to come and honour their lost child and just reflect. A graveside is sometimes to hard to visit but this would be perfect. Everyone needs somewhere to go to grieve other than a grave, and this is why I believe SIMBA would benefit from a tree of tranquillity.

That is so true Jean, thank you for highlighting that. One leaf that was placed on a north Tree dates back to 1911 for a baby boy ~ there is no grave, it was different times, but the family now have a place to mark his existence, to honour his memory, to make sure he is never forgotten. For those who have graves to visit it can be too painful, our Trees are peaceful, serene places where families find comfort from seeing their baby's name.

The tree of Tranquility is a lovely place. Where you can go to remember your loved one. Not everyone that has suffered the loss of a baby has a grave to visit, and even those that have, may not find much comfort there. TheTree of Tranquility will be in beautiful surroundings where anyone can remember their loved ones in peace and tranquility

It would be wonderfull to have one in Oban. We have one in Inverness. Its a wonderful place for families to go and remember their presious babies. The trees are lovely. You can get a leaf on the tree with your childs name one it. Lovely way to remember them.

Wonderful idea for family's to remember their angel baby a special place filled with love

This is a wonderful symbol of love that will never wither.It's leaves untouched by season or time.So appropriate.

This would be a fantastic benefactor of the fund. The loss of a baby at any time of pregnancy or birth is still incredibly taboo, despite being (sadly) far too common. Bereaved parents and relatives would find great comfort in a tree of tranquility locally, and it would save having to travel to similar facilities in Inverness or Glasgow

I had a stillborn baby and i felt lost and that i was only person going through this until I meet SiMBA. they have supported me through sending a memory box to keep my baby memory safe. I think this is amazing project in helping parent keep there babies memories alive xx

A lovely place for us to go to remember our babies.

Always supportive of SiMBA and everything they do. All the team work really hard to support and help people who have lost a baby. Tree of tranquility is a great idea in memory of all the babies.

Oban and Argyll deserve to have a fitting tribute to those precious little ones that were simply too good for this world. SiMBA are a fantastic charity with many selfless volunteers. Susan and Andrew epitomize that ethic and this will bring so much comfort to so many families. Hopefully another step in breaking down barriers and ending the taboo stigma that surrounds child loss.

We lost our little girl in 2015.It is a pain you can't explain or describe, as when it is the loss of a baby, when there is no time, no memories, no photographs to hold onto it is not only the unbearable loss of a child, it is a sense of isolation and loneliness because it is really only real for you, the parents and immediate family - but the pain is as real. Having the Tree brings bereaved families together to grieve and it pays respect as a physical sign your baby was real, here, is loved.

What a wonderful way for parents to find comfort & remember their babies.

A SiMBA Tree of Tranquility would provide a much needed and very beautiful place of quiet remembrance for bereaved parents like myself. A lovely memorial for those grieving and a very special and comforting way to honour our precious babies.

A lovely memorial idea for families

I have a leaf on the tree in gala and it brings me so much peace knowing I can go there to remember my boy at not to mention the memory boxes this charity provides gives bereaved parents some where to place treasures memories but also gives them ideas on what to do to create these loved memory’s, they also provide and work with hospitals and midwifes to help ensure the best care and support is given to bereaved parents

This is a lovely way to remember and have a place to go to for comfort x

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