Wildlife and Heritage Youth Project

Wildlife and Heritage Youth Project

A collaborative project on the Crinan Canal to celebrate 2018, The Scottish Year of Young People. Work, art, citizen science, community memories and living history will showcase the personalities, talents and achievements of Mid Argyll's youth. In so doing we will highlight the culture, history and biodiversity of the canal. Participants so far include Scottish Canals, The Waterways Trust, Ardrishaig Primary School, Shemaron, Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation and Lochgilphead High School


The project will bring together a diverse range of community groups, schools and agencies to promote the abilities and achievements of the area's young people. it will be driven by their ideas and priorities as they have been involved in the project from its inception.

Sounds Great ! Would there be any opportunities of young people on Islay and Jura to be involved ?

This sounds exciting and ambitious - how many people do you think will benefit?

This is an excellent initiative and the effect of engaging Argyll's young people could reach far beyond 2018, Year of the Young People. Spanning across the age ranges within our local schools, pupils can create and deliver projects covering history/heritage/culture, wildlife and nature, art and design, tourism and even journalism! The results can then be celebrated for years to come, by both locals and visitors to the area. The collaborative nature will give our youth the chance to shine!

The sky's the limit! We will involve pupils from at least two local schools members of the public, both local and visitors who will attend the events over the summer as well as Scottish Waterways, Waterways Trust, Shemaron and Heart of Argyll Wildlife staff and volunteers. Let's aim for 500+

I think it's a great idea. You may like the video I did this year. You can find it at. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGtgWksoeU8

Thanks for the comments so far and the video, you can't go wrong with Dougie MacLean! I see no reason why we shouldn't involve as many young people as possible. It would be fantastic if we could include folk from the islands as well. Do you have any ideas as to what sort of project in regard to the canal you might be interested in?

Ideas Brainstorm from the pupils of Ardrishaig Primary School  Creating postcards of the canal  Sessions with local artists on canal as an inspiration  Checklists for local wildlife that families can use when out on the canal  Boat rides on the canal  Develop Geocaching sites along the canal and have a family event  Try fishing day  Activities with making bird boxes  Minibeast activities – i.e. caterpillar hunt  Develop a nature trail  Community canal tidy – litter pick  Fun run

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