Cowal Music Club 2018 - 19 Season

Cowal Music Club 2018 - 19 Season

We put on 6 classical chamber music concerts over the course of the winter (one a month) in Dunoon. We also, when possible, try and link up with schools for workshops on classical music with one of the groups that is booked to play over the course of the season. During the season, we see over 500 people, with the vast majority of those being elderly, some of whom will be suffering from social isolation and loneliness. We've also just linked with the Burgh Hall.


It provides high quality classical music in the local area, so people don't need to travel to Glasgow or Edinburgh. It provides a source of support for young musicians starting on their careers; this kind of intergenerational work is beneficial for all involved, with musicians developing their skills, whilst the audience appreciate the quality of the performance. During intervals, we provide refreshments and natural discussion may develop. It also reduces carbon emissions due to reduced travel.

Interesting project. What do others think?

In reply to Laura Macdonald, most of the musicians are Scottish but others are from other countries, though in general they are based in either Scotland or England since travel costs from other countries can be very high.

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