Dunadd Community Social Enterprise

Dunadd Community Social Enterprise

To bring to fruition a Social Enterprise covering Dunadd Community Council area. To achieve this we need to setup a company limited by guarantee asking the community residents to sign up to membership of the company, and to elect a board to move the community projects forward. The steering group needs to engage with the community for them to become members of the company We plan to achieve this through meeting existing groups coffee/dropin sessions specific focused sessions and general publicity


The need for a social enterprise was identified during the 2016 Dunadd Community Action Plan as part of the process in setting up the Infinis A'Chruach Community Fund. This report identified six themes of ideas that the community wanted to develop. These themes are Organisation, Tourism Development, Enterprise Development, Ownership of Community Assets and investing in existing groups, Activities for Younger Residents, Infrastructure.

The ability to apply to the wind farm fund for help towards community development.

Will the social enterprise be a development trust?

@ Laura Macdonald The answer is yes. The reason we want to setup a company ltd by guarantee is that we will be able to register for Community Right to Buy property and land, and we will also be able to register as a charity at a later date.

The company ltd by guarantee is one way that a development trust can be set up, and it gives us the option in registering a right to buy on land and buildings in the area that could be of community befit. So that is a yes to your question

Following the well attended meetings run by the wind farm project , there is a great interest in the community and lots of good ideas , to promote social enterprise and interaction in the community, especially since the local shop has closed.we are all feeling the loss to the community of a "hub" where people can meet and chat.The steering group is being led by very passionate people who want to take this forward, some funding would be hugely helpful.

website for this project has just gone live, this gives more information of what we are about www.dunadd.scot

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