Cowal Starter Pack Plus

Cowal Starter Pack Plus

A constituted group working in Dunoon and Cowal providing starter packs to vulnerable people who have been homeless and are setting up home or who are suffering poverty and need some basic goods to get started. Referrers include, Social work, Woman's Aid, HELP, The initiative is run on a voluntary basis by members of local Christian Churches who collect goods for distribution. The organization is local, hands on and responsive. Its aim to support vulnerable people to make a new start.


This is a fabulous project and has been invaluable to lots of different people throughout the community who have fallen on hard times. It also lets the person receiving it know that there are kind people in the community willing to help so offers hope. Our Service users when they flea Domestic abuse often have to leave their life behind so this starter pack is invaluable. Women's Aid.

Our main aim is to support vulnerable people to make a new start and thereby to reduce repeat homelessness. The project plans to work with over 30 families per year.

This is a really nice idea and it will stop good and useful stuff going to the landfill sites as well as giving a good start to less fortunate members of our community.

Thanks for the support so far, to confirm the project is open to everyone individuals, families, any age. Yes Patricia we often get offers of goods from folks who are down sizing perhaps going into shelter housing and happy to give some goods to someone making a new start. J

Looks like an interesting project. Is it always families or do you also help single person households?

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