Kilts and Tartan Ties for Rockfield Primary School Choir

Kilts and Tartan Ties for Rockfield Primary School Choir

Rockfield Primary School choir is open to all children from P4 to P7, including children with additional support needs, and practice hard all year after school. With the wide range of ages and sizes of children, we need a large number of kilts available to the children to wear when they represent the school e.g. at the Mod, carol singing in local nursing homes and hospital, the Rotary Christmas concert and HIMDF. Rockfield Primary is the largest in A+B and there are usually about 30 singers.


Rockfield PTA would like to provide school kilts free so there are no barriers to children joining in. Singing lowers stress levels, increases mental alertness and over time children become more tuneful singers, so Rockfield PTA would like to encourage as many children as possible to benefit from being in the choir. The choir regularly sing at local events and visit old folks homes, involving the children in the local community and spreading the joy of singing.

Rockfield choir already have about 15 kilts of assorted sizes of this design. We need to get a large range of kilt lengths and waist sizes to enable an appropriately sized kilt for each singer.

Very seasonal picture! Would the kilts be kept by the choir and used year after year?

The kilts and tartan ties would be kept by the school and lent out to the choir children. We need a good stock of kilts as there is a wide height and size difference across P4 to P7 and there are generally about 30 children in the choir. The kilts cost about £20 each and are machine washable so are suitable for children and will look good for years.

we are so lucky to have such a great choir that takes all children who love music, regardless of their musical ability when they start - their increase in enjoyment and love of music as well as their singing ability is a joy to see... Being able to join in with other choirs in having school kilts and ties would add to their pride in the performance - thanks to all those who keep the choir running!

Great suggestion. Singing in a choir helps create a sense of belonging and great for enhancing well-being and confidence; so important for young people. The kilts and ties will link well in sharing their 'pride of place'. Good luck with your project.

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