Islay WW100 Community Spirit

Islay WW100 Community Spirit

On the 4th May 2018 Islay will be hosting an international commemoration alongside WW100 Scotland to commemorate those who were lost and celebrate the community spirit of the island. Port Ellen, in the south of Islay, will be the pivotal meeting place for the WW100 event and we want to provide a show case for Islay on the Green in Port Ellen. We want to involve local charities and businesses in a festival celebrating the different elements of Islay’s vibrant community.


One hundred years ago the Islay community worked together to look after over 700 American servicemen and British crew who were washed up on the island as a result of the loss of two troopships - the Tuscania and Otranto - some survived but sadly the majority died. The Islay people worked tirelessly together to rescue and support the men who were alive and respectfully bury those who perished.

The project seems nicely balanced - to commemorate those lives lost, but also to celebrate the resilience and vibrance of the community. Are you expecting a lot of visitors to attend?

Hi Laura, We are expecting many visitors from all over the world. This showcase is only a small part of the celebrations which will take place on the day across Islay.

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