Making waves in marine science at Mull Aquarium

Making waves in marine science at Mull Aquarium

Mull Aquarium wants to engage the next generation of scientists by fostering curiosity about our local marine life and developing a deeper understanding of the coastline that surrounds us in a fun and interactive way. This will be achieved through the participation in CREST super star awards, a nationally accredited scheme. We will run 12 sessions over the year, focusing on science exploration and outdoor education.


This project will benefit children aged 7–12 who live in our rural and isolated community, where opportunities are limited. Children will increase their knowledge of the wider natural world and the marine environment on their doorstep, through a variety of STEM projects by using the extensive knowledge and expertise of the aquarium staff and partners. To inspire the next generation to follow careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, combating the current shortfall in these sectors.

Projects like this that can give young people a closer understanding of the natural world are not only helping to safeguard their future but making it fun as well!

Mull Aquarium is a fantastic wee aquarium that does great work especially with local kids.

Do you travel round the different communiities or do the children come in to the aquarium?

CREST is a fantastic way to engage children in science; to explore, research and understand how to investigate. Being a CREST Ambassador, I thoroughly support this.

Fantastic wee facility on Mull, offering innovative and engaging STEM activities that the community is already buzzing about!😀

A great project and gives the young people something to aim for and sense of achievement

Fantastic little aquarium in Tobermory, Mull, welcoming kids of all ages to learn about the sea and the creatures in the water.

Mull Aquarium is the top educational facility on the Isle of Mull. It promotes learning about the marine world in particular, and the natural world in general.

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