Campbeltown Brass - Scottish Youth Championships 2018

Campbeltown Brass - Scottish Youth Championships 2018

In recent years the Junior section of Campbeltown Brass has been synonymous with the word Champions. They have won the Preparatory Section consecutively for the last 4 years and Novice Section for the last two, beating a cohort of the best youth brass bands in Scotland. With this funding, we will take 50 primary and secondary school children to Perth Concert Hall to defend their Scottish Youth Brass Band Championship titles. Hopefully bringing home some more silverware!


Over the last 30 years, Campbeltown Brass have entertained and brought enjoyment to many, with hundreds of children and adults having benefited from being part of the Band. The process of learning an instrument and playing with other musicians has led many to greater achievements and experiences beyond Kintyre, whether in further education or a career in music. Despite our isolated location, the Band continues to win competitions and championships and producing some exceptional players.

Being able to learn an instrument and being part of the Band, has certainly opened up other opportunities for my children. We definitely could not afford to buy one, let alone 3 instruments in order for our children to enjoy the benefits of music making. But through the Band, they can and are continuing to reap the benefits of it. For this, I am always grateful to the Band and would support their efforts in making music available to all.

The opportunity for children to learn to play an instrument is an invaluable one. Many Band members have gone on to have a successful career in music, while all gain enjoyment and camaraderie.

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