Providing Shinty Skills for All in Cowal

Providing Shinty Skills for All in Cowal

Cowal and Bute have an active area shinty group, which has over the past two years managed to increase the participation numbers throughout the area. To help promote the sport more in the area, particularly Dunoon, we are looking to purchase equipment that can be used throughout schools and increase the numbers of qualified coaches in the area. Our aim is to increase the numbers of young people playing and then staying in the sport to preserve the identity of Shinty within Cowal and Bute.


This group will look to increase participation at the primary level first and foremost - we are already achieving that. We will then look to increase participation at a secondary age level - again we are achieving this target. We now need to ensure the older youth players are playing at club level. As a group we are confident our current behaviours in increasing participation are on the right path, we could do with assistance in order to reach our goals faster. 😃

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