Roses Project and Oban High School Outdoor Activities

Roses Project and Oban High School Outdoor Activities

The project would like to expand their partnership with Oban High School by setting up a regular programme of outdoor activities for vulnerable young people. The activities may include coasteering, gorge walking, rock climbing, hill walking and canyoning. Participation in these would help the young people to enjoy fresh air, exercise and develop transferable skills that they can use in all aspects of their lives, whether it be improved confidence, increased focus or better social skills.


The groups we would work with are young people with additional needs, low self-esteem or those who are in need of building up resilience. These young people would benefit from time spent outside the classroom in an alternative learning environment, without the pressures they may feel in school. Spending time outdoors is proven to have a positive impact on all areas of life, while exercise can increase well-being. Roses Project work is delivered by our trading company Hebridean Pursuits Ltd.

Is this a one-off experience or part of a long-term package of support for young people who are struggling?

This is a summer term time programme for a group of young people. We would hope to run sessions fortnightly for the same group. We already run an annual March residential, so this may be a continuation or include some other young people. As well as outdoor activities, we would draw additional focus to how these skills link to educational attainment. We definitely believe the outdoors to be one of the best classrooms, and possibly the most fun too!

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