Royal National Mod local organisation arrangements

Royal National Mod local organisation arrangements

Dunoon Local Mod Organising committee, following another successful bid to host the 2018 Royal National Mod are seeking funding to assist ensuring that the town of Dunoon is once again the ideal venue to stage a major national cultural event which produces much tourist, cultural and economic benefit. We are seeking funding to assist with :- * Decorating the Town with banners and information signage * the marketing and support for the fringe activities * supporting local activities in Mod week.


The National Mod is recognised world wide with competitors and visitors from USA, Canada, Australia and parts of Europe. It secures significant national media coverage and much local economic benefit estimated between £2 to £3million. We are seeking funding towards the local elements in staging this national cultural event.

The Royal National Mod brings the music, stories and traditions from old Scotland to new ears..A whole week in October every year focusses on Gaelic the language and the culture in competitions for all ages and all levels of knowledge during the days and showcasing the winners in Ceilidhs held every evening. DUNOON has hosted The Royal National Mod every six years since 1994. And a Ladies Choir competed in the 50,s Frlly

The Royal National Mod is the second biggest festival of its kind in Scotland and the media coverage for Dunoon and Argyll and Bute goes out all over the world. The Mod acts as an advertisement which encourages tourists to come and visit our town from all corners of the globe. If successful we would use the money to fund local events in the town.

The National Mod is not just an important cultural event but is a crucial vehicle to help keep traditional music and language alive and well not just on the Cowal Peninsula but beyond. Its cultural significance and local benefits cannot be over estimated.

The MOD is of international importance and raises the profile of Scotland and the Gaelic language and culture. It is great for Dunoon to have this here and it will have a significant impact on the economy of the area.

The Royal National Mod is important to keeping the Gaelic language alive in Cowal. The Cowal area will benefit greatly from the economic benefit, as well as a great advertisement for tourists visiting our lovely town of Dunoon.

It's vital to preserve traditions and our culture, and the MOD is all of that. Hosting the MOD takes a lot of effort and is obviously a costly affair. Obtaining financial help will enable us to enhance the whole occasion.

The National Mod is a great way for local children to connect with Scottish culture, tradition, music and poetry. It enriches our local community, and puts Dunoon on the map.

The National Mod is important to the town of Dunoon culturally and economically. It raises the profile of the Gaelic language and the importance of keeping it alive. This is especially important in Cowal as a local primary school has a Gaelic unit within it.

The national Mod highlights Dunoon and the Cowal area every six years it is vital that the cultural heritage and economic impact that it provides is maintained.

The Royal National Mod one of the most important festival of its kind attracting competitors from all over the world and raising the profile of the towns who are fortunate to be elected to host the event. For Dunoon at a time when there is an positive drive to regenerate the town from it’s community this not only means a media focus on the town but a potential local economic benefit estimated at between £2 to £3million. The local Mod Committee is pursuing all means of gaining fundin

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