Community day at Dunoon Men's Shed

Community day at Dunoon Men's Shed

We are a community based group aiming to improve the mental health and well being of men over 18 in Cowal & Bute. We tackle social isolation, bereavement, depression and loneliness by offering men a workplace environment to meet others and enjoy the banter and camaraderie.The grant would enable us to open another day and admit around 25 individuals or groups from the wider community. Our workshops would include furniture restoration, DIY classes, looking after your car, sculpture and weaving.


Dunoon does not have such a community based workshop environment. The workshop and garden space are under utilised as we are only open two days per week. We can retain the Men's Shed ethos for two days a week and open an extra day offering the community the opportunity without detracting from the benefits being achieved by the Men's Shed. Additional costs would be covered by an annual £2,500 grant i.e. around £2.00 per week per new person.

Sounds really helpful to extend the excellent current facility - hope you succeed.

The Dunoon Men's Shed project withdrew from the Argyll and Bute Supporting Communities Fund grant process. However, the group is still going strong and has a number of projects on the go.

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