Appin Goes Digital

Appin Goes Digital

Appin community wants to enter the digital age! As our access to broadband improves we see many opportunities to use digital media as a mechanism for bringing our community together to develop activities and strengthen services. Our aim is to improve community health and wellbeing, encourage volunteering and strengthen our local economy. We will work with a network of local partners to create a dynamic web portal for Appin that integrates information and improves access across the community.


Appin Community Development Trust was established in 2017 and is a focal point for the development of new activities and services. The proposed web portal will help us to harness the interest and enthusiasm that clearly exists in our community.

A fabulous project idea which will strengthen the Appin community in so many ways. I wholeheartedly support this.

Appin is a small community with only 500 population spread over a wide area. Remoteness requires people to often be dependent on each other and the community. The ability to communicate digitally will add greatly to our communities social enterprises and self-help services.

a fantastic idea and has full support in Appin. it would be of great benefit to all who live here.

Having such a web portal for the community would be such a positive thing as it is such a spreadout community geographically.

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