Community Garden in Kilmun for the Shore Community.

Community Garden in Kilmun for the Shore Community.

The Younger Hall has some ground to the rear of the building. The proposal would be to build raised beds and/ or a polytunnel, along with a shed to keep tools in. The hall is at the centre of the community and is well used by groups.


There are several people in the Shore area, who live in flats, and would welcome the opportunity to grow vegetables etc. The scheme would be monitored by local gardening volunteers, who would be on hand to give advice. It could also be used by young people in the area.

This is a great idea. Being given the opportunity to grow your own vegetables with support from others is a great way to get out and have some exercise in a productive and social way.

Really nice idea. Good luck with this one.

Sounds like a great idea Russell. Good luck with the project

Russell this is a great idea - hope it goes well.

The Community Garden in Kilmun project wasn't quite ready to submit an application to the Argyll and Bute Supporting Communities Fund but we wish them well and look forward to hearing how they get on.

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