Trip from Coll to Mull and Iona for primary school pupils

Trip from Coll to Mull and Iona for primary school pupils

The pupils of Arinagour Primary School on Coll could meet with and work with staff and pupils at Bunessan Primary School and Iona Primary School. This trip would lend itself well with transition activities, numeracy, literacy and health and well being activities. It would allow our pupils to visit the island home of pupils they meet occasionally on inter-school activities and whom they will be resident with in Glencruitten Hostel if they attend Oban High School in future years.


A great opportunity for the primary children of Coll to meet with and learn alongside children from other islands.

Interesting idea. Would this just be for senior pupils moving towards attending Oban High School or a whole school activity?

I think this is a great idea. I brought my kids up on Coll and these sort of trips were fantastic in building the children's confidence. Two of my kids are now at Oban High School. The friendships formed across islands served them well in adjusting to life at OHS. Coming from a small school where you may only have one or two kids in your year, to be able to recognise other faces in that first few months at High School can make all the difference between surviving and positively thriving.

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