Build a new community centre

Build a new community centre

A community centre for the benefit of children, elderly and all Oban & Lorn residents


There is no community centre in Oban for the purpose detailed

This is a positive project so no points against it

Although this Community Centre is for all residents in Oban & Lorn it is being built in Soroba which is a large housing scheme which has no facilities for children and older people to socialise. This community centre would would give children indoor facilities for football, netball etc, the elderly would have a meeting place to meet have a coffe/tea and chat to like minded people. This would alleviate loneliness in the elderly and it would allow the younger generation a place to socialise.

Interesting project. These grants have to be spent before 31 March 2019. Have you got some of your other funding in place or would this grant be for a specific part of the project e.g. planning application, community engagement activities?

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