Waterbaby Dance Community Aerial Workshops

Waterbaby Dance Community Aerial Workshops

Waterbaby Dance would like to bring an aerial dance project to Innellan Primary School for disabled children, their peers and their families. Working in partnership with everyBODY Dance, we will combine over 20 years of aerial and inclusive dance experience to bring the opportunity of creative expression, fun and freedom of movement to the heart of the community. Using specialist harnesses and equipment, all children will be able to experience the sensation of flying through the air .


These workshops encompass physical wellbeing, communication, working independently and with others, whist simultaneously building the physical muscle and skills required for dancing in an aerial harness.Opportunities such as this are vital to the development and wellbeing of children with additional support needs. The benefits for participation in aerial dance are widely recognised and well documented - this art form allows the participants to explore new areas of movement, giving freedom.

Brilliant, please bring to Innellan and Toward

Great idea

Sounds like a fantastic new opportunity for children and their families.

Waterbaby Dance Ltd project withdrew from the Argyll and Bute Supporting Communities Fund grant process. However, the group is still going strong and has a number of projects on the go.

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