Argyll RDA Carriage Driving Group - Driving for Success

Argyll RDA Carriage Driving Group - Driving for Success

We provide carriage driving opportunities for people with disabilities - age and ability no barrier. We are looking for assistance with specific running costs to help look after our lovely cobs, Red and Dixie. What we really need is help to pay for hay, feed, their shoes, vets fees, clipping, rugs and harness upkeep for the year.


Every week up to 20 peope with a complex range of disabilities, our "drivers", attend carriage driving sessions. These disabilities include peoplew with neurological conditions, physical difficulties, learning disabilities and mental health issues. We tailor each session to the individuals needs and goals. Carriage driving sessions can include driving on local roads, the beach or practicing for a competition which can include dressage and cones. Participants can also work on structured awards.

Interesting project. Is it run solely by volunteers or do you employ staff?

Sounds a great facility and could be really helpful for many people within the community who wouldn't routinely connect with RDA. Look forward to hearing your progress.

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