Wurdplay is a writing group that runs out of the Hope Kitchen that is open to everyone. We run a weekly writing group, publish a book, record our work, put on hip-hop workshops, write scripts for the stage and put on a three open nights a year. It is entirely run by volunteers. You don't have to have written anything before to get involved and it is open to folk that struggle with their literacy. We would use the funding to put on a theatre show called Living Cells and publish the scripts.


Wurdplay is a place where folk can express themselves in the language they see fit. The work that has been made has been so brave and inventive. Wurdplay is also skint. The group is somewhere to write, record, direct, act, perform, make artwork and music and learn graphic design software (InDesign and Photoshop etc).

Some of our stuff is on www.wurdplay.org

I'm withdrawing Wurdplays involvement in this farce. We will find a way to raise our own money. The highest paid council employee gets paid over £118000 a year. Why not just take £18000 from that to start? This is not participatory budgeting as practiced anywhere it has worked.

Interesting project. Does everyone who gets involved already feel quite confident about performing?

😊Great wee group that has seen people flourish in confidence and self esteem. Well worth a vote!

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