Islay Book Festival's Children's Programme

Islay Book Festival's Children's Programme

Islay Book Festival would like to expand its role in bringing authors and poets to Islay and Jura's schools, which due to their remoteness do not normally have such opportunities, and to offer a range of additional children's events over our festival weekend. We aim to cater for all age groups and to offer inspirational book sessions and workshops, in English and Gaelic, that will help foster an interest in reading, writing and language, and the related benefits and skills that these bring.


Feedback that we receive from the schools and the wider community each year shows that our children's programme is of great benefit, with non-readers getting inspired to start reading and standards improving. Due to our disadvantaged location, it's even more important that the book festival can continue to support the valuable work of the schools by bringing authors/poets in English and Gaelic to local children and to help make reading, writing and language an enjoyable activity for them.

Great opportunity to encourage love of reading among children on Islay and Jura

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