‘Challenge Yourself 2018’ Camp

‘Challenge Yourself 2018’  Camp

We would like to be able to take a group of Guides ( aged 10-14 ) and Senior Section ( aged 14- 18 ) members to a large scale event being held near Edinburgh in July 2018. The 3-night camp , called ‘ Challenge Yourself’ will give our girls to develop their independence and self confidence by taking part in various problem-solving challenges and mixing with thousands of other young people from diverse backgrounds.


In Girlguiding, it is our aim to help girls and young women to grow in confidence, reach for the stars, have fun and be a powerful force for good. We encourage the girls to not only value their local community but to raise their aspirations by considering their place in the wider world. We hope that taking part in Challenge Yourself 2018 will help the girls develop the confidence to embrace future opportunities for personal development - whilst learning new skills having a lot of fun !

I met one of your guides during a school outing and she told me just HOW MUCH she had enjoyed her time outdoors with the guides this summer. She seemed like a different kid to the shy and hesitant child I'd met a few months before. These trips are invaluable and the evidence is shining out of the girls who have been involved with Tarbert Guides. Well done and I really hope you are successful in this mini-project. Your girls have been coming up with awesome fundraising ideas of their own too!!

My daughter joined 1st Tarbert in September when she turned 10. I great to see how she has grown while enjoying herself, this really has been great for her self confidence and self awareness. She is always excited to go to Guides and loves being part of her troop learning from the older girls and turning into a more mature helpful young woman.

In this hi-tech orientated day and age, how great it is for young people to be given the chance to get away from all that and experience a good old grass roots three night camp. A super opportunity to do something completely different from their home environment, meet a host of other girls to exchange news and views from their lifestyles and learn new skills. Being a Guide enables them to do all of this and to develop into confident and independent young women. Oh, not to forget it’s fun too!

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