Tiree - Educational Dance Programme

Tiree - Educational Dance Programme

Dance is a popular and highly effective way of getting children active and offers a unique medium for creative expression. It combines physical literacy with imagination and creativity and is a useful element in devising cross-curricular work. Mull Theatre's record of accomplishment has already been seen in schools on Mull and Iona. This project extends further afield and offers an introduction for pupils, with skills passed to teachers so that work can continue beyond the initial project.


Dance increases children's physical confidence and awareness, improving mental health, self esteem and body attitude. This proven programme links to the curriculum in P.E. but can also connect to areas such as history and geography. By passing skills to teachers learning can continue beyond this project. Introducing young people to the performing arts creates a foundation for life long participation and gives the opportunity to attend workshops with other children across Argyll & Bute.

Laura - we work with the school on what suits them best. So far we have done these workshops within school hours so that all the children are able to join in and the teachers can participate within their normal working day.

Great picture. Do the sessions take place as an after school activity or within the school day?

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