Feis na h-Apainne - Appins Monthly Music Festival, all ages

Feis na h-Apainne - Appins Monthly Music Festival, all ages

Fèis na h-Apainne has now been running for nearly 3 years and offers monthly tuition in traditional Scottish music and dance. Children and adults can choose from Clarsach, Fiddle, Accordion, Gaelic Song, Whistle, Guitar, Music Technology Chanter and Pipes, and this year we introduced Group work for those making good progress. Our participants come from many neighbouring communities. Access to music tuition is limited , and expensive. we provide the opportunity for regular tuition at a low cost


Our Feis offers everyone 4-5 half hour slots so that they can try out/develop various options and as they settle and improve they can choose more in that instrument etc. We try to run the classes in abilities- so as kids improve they go into an intermediate class. Group work is for those competent enough to play a few tunes, and are led by an experienced tutor and supporting tutors/parents. We hire out the instruments at a low cost too so folk can practice between feis. Feis bheag for preschool.

All ages can participate. There is a feis bheag for pre school . All ages above can join the main feis adults included. No experience necessary as slots are divided into abilities and some slots are adult only. Focusing on fun

Sounds good. What ages can acces your Fèis?

A fabulous opportunity for people of any age to access affordable music tuition in a really friendly environment. This is a terrific venture & is essential in a community such as Appin.

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