Colgrain Primary School Community Garden

Colgrain Primary School Community Garden

Colgrain PTC is working alongside the Pupils Council - Eco Committee and the teachers to support the development of the Eco Garden area into a Community Garden. The garden provides some respite for the pupils and opportunities to grow fruits and vegetables, which are then used in the kitchen. Expanding the garden area into the surrounding grounds will allow us to welcome other community groups, develop learning opportunities, skills for the future and create stronger links within our community.


The pupil's garden or Eco Area sits within large grounds of open grass that are really under utilised. There is so much potential to be realised for the pupils and for other community groups that could get involved and who would access the grounds at specific times or during school closures. We are looking for opportunities to network, develop skills, share knowledge, support each other, enhance the landscape and the learning opportunities for everyone. For this we will need tools and equipment.

This is a brilliant resource and well loved by the pupils. It could really benefit from some investment to develop it create community links.

I help run MKC Heroes at colgrain school (military kids club) we support military children when their parents to go to sea or away on courses for long periods of time. We use this area during the spring and summer, however its hard at other times of year. We plant things and have outdoor games and parties here. The area is very important but it's very small and tired and it's often hard to have our own spot. This grant would be fantastic as it would help us support these children to.

This area was once a fantastic eco garden used by the pupils for growing and learning. We have been working hard to bring it back to life. It would be great to see it used to its full potential.

Would be great for the school pupils and the wider community to have this space at it’s full potential.

This would be great for the pupils as they all love spending time in the Eco garden. It teaches them how to care for their own environment and they have an immense amount of pride in what they achieve in the eco area. A larger area can only improve on what they have already achieved.

Argyll and Bute TSI will hold a drop in help session on Wednesday (10th January) from 10am-12pm and 1-3pm in the Helensburgh office at 14 Colquhoun Square. If you would like help with the stage 2 application pop in and see us (we will have a cuppa and biscuits on hand too...)

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