Machrihanish Golf Club Juniors

Machrihanish Golf Club Juniors

Our aim is to encourage more young people to the game of golf. The summer and winter coaching has been highly successful but there is still potential to encourage more young people to get involved.


Indoor golf is a great way to get children involved in golf and to keep the interest going for those who already play. Playing with indoor golf equipment is a fun and safe way to start.

Wonderful opportunity for young people to be introduced to a game they can play and enjoy for a lifetime.

Great opportunity for the kids , both of mine (boy & girl) enjoy playing and are very keen to continue with their development in the sport ! Which will then develop into a life long sport

Kintyre is a fantastic area for golf. This is a great opportunity to get kids evolved in something that could be a life long passion.

This is an amazing opportunity for young children to become involved in a life long sport. It helps to develop their social skills along with teaching them to respect others. As a parent of two young boys who are both very keen on the sport I would strongly favour and recommend this very much. It would be incredible to see this in place throughout schools in kintyre and be positive for children to learn these early skills to encourage them into the game.

The award of funds would go a long way to support the club professional to introduce more young children to golf in Kintyre. Machrihanish is a world famous golf course but the number if young local children playing golf is very low. The new professional has developed links with educational establishments from pre school level. This will give kids an interest and skills that they can take to adulthood. Once a golfer in Kintyre they are always likely to return to the area to live work and play.

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