Building Resilient Teens

Building Resilient Teens

Parents/Carers and school staff have reported increased levels of stress and anxiety amongst secondary school pupils. Building upon DGS's current engagement with Headstrong (Scotland) Ltd, the Parent Council would like to offer workshops for parent/carers and staff to support our children's emotional wellbeing. The workshops will provide strategies that will support our young people to develop the resilience and coping skills which will allow them to thrive in the modern world.


This bid has been discussed for some time amongst Parent Council members. The need to develop pupil mindfulness has already been raised on another thread within this application for Cowal. We feel this application support the ideas being generated amongst our community.

As a local GP , Parent Council Member and mother of teenagers, I wholeheartedly support any measure which can positively improve teeanagers mental wellbeing. I have certainly seen a rise in teenage anxiety in my professional capacity and it would be great to have Brian brought in for some training

Excellent idea!

Nothing is more important than good mental health for positive outcomes and attainment. Our society's systems do not currently support good mental health, so it is vital that intervention is put in place. This is an excellent initiative.

Excellent Idea

This sounds like a great project and can hopefully give the parents, carers & staff the tools which may be required to support & help the pupils who are experiencing high stress levels. Headstrong (Scotland) Ltd do a wonderful job - please visit their website for more information

An excellent idea

Brilliant idea!

So pleased that the DGS Parent Council are raising this issue - our young people need support and guidance. Hopefully the mindfulness on Misha's post can be incorporated. I fully support this initiative.

Headstrong website looks really helpful and could offer excellent support - much needed in this area where many young lives are affected by stress and difficulties.

This is an excellent idea and I fully support setting up these workshops. Anything we can do to support our young people through this important stage of their lives can only be seen as positive.

As a parent I feel this is something the pupils at Dunoon Grammar school could really benifit from. Whether a high achiver or a child who is struggling with just attending school. This would hopefully give the tools that they need which they can also build on when they leave. School should be so much more than just exam success but building the future generations happiness and well being.

What a fantastic idea. As a parent of a teenage boy at DGS I think this would benefit everyone who attends the school.

This funding will be invaluable in supporting pupils at DGS. Life immediately after school for example is a competitive environment these days, much is at stake come exam time, applying for university, apprenticeships, jobs etc. and being taught skills to help themselves during these challenging periods in their young lives - and for long after - could really help them achieve all they hope for.

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