Port Ellen Mother & Toddler Group

Port Ellen Mother & Toddler Group

Port Ellen Parent and Toddler Group is supported by the parents/extended families from various areas of Islay. Our sessions play a key role for “Getting it right for every child” in our society from the age of 6 weeks up to 3 years. Children at this crucial stage learn now what will impact them on their later life. The funding would cover the cost of the hall hire, training sessions and introduce new play experiences (baking, art and craft, science and many more).


We strive to create an environment that is safe and secure to allow them to develop their curiosity in a wide variety of play experiences.

Sounds like a good group. Do you know that the council has a specific early years third sector funding stream?

A fun group that kids can play safe and develop at the same time

Not only is it social for the children its social for the parents. Toddler groups provide a service here for young children who are not of the pre 5 age. It helps the children to mix well with one another and learn different skills. It enables us all to meet new people. Time is focused more on the children than on home priorities. It also gives the children a range on experiences.

Brilliant group arya loves to go me too. Toddler group has a huge impact from an early age helps with social skills and communication skills. Loads of fun learning with their wee friends.

A brilliant group where children are supported and encouraged to explore and experience new situations by enthusiastic leaders. A valuable service in terms of social and emotional development of the children and a safe environment for parents and extended family members to share stories and recieve advice and support.

This is an excellent group which my two year-old daughter attends every week: she benefits so much from the wide range of activities on offer as well as the social aspect. In a small rural community parents with young children can feel quite isolated and this is an invaluable resource for our island. Run by dedicated and imaginative volunteers who give so much of their own time to make this group a success. I would love to see funding awarded to this group to ensure its continued success.

Great wee group, helps children in their social and other developments and gives parents a chance to get out house and socialise too

Having a child with quite complex needs, especially in social situations, this group was invaluable. Confidence building is at its core, for both children and parents alike. Hopefully the service can be provided to the community for many years to come!

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